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Welcome to Indominus Online

1. Rules: Not knowing and or not reading these rules is not an excuse!

2. Using a 3rd Party Programs [Hacks] (This includes programs used to abuse pills!)

* Auto trade ARE NOT allowed!

* Multiclient, Pet Filter and Auto Fuser its allowed.

* Any kind of hack which gives you an advantage in game over others such as anti stealth or pill abuser.

1st time = permanent ID ban

3. Bots at the events

* Any kind of char controlled by a bot is not allowed at events

* Buff chars controlled by bots,

* Please Note: Bot allowen only for Unique event!

* Punishment will only be applied to the chars controlled by bots

1st time = 3 Days ID ban

2nd time = 1 week ID ban

3rd time = permanent ID ban

4. Bots griding

Bot allowed to farm and give buffs

bot NOT alloweed at Fortress time

1st time = 3 Days ID ban

2nd time = 1 week ID ban

3rd time = permanent ID ban

5. Botting near Unique Spawns

* Near means in sight of the unique

* Please Note: Bot allowen but not on Unique Spawns!

1st time = 3 Days ID ban

2nd time = 1 week ID ban

3rd time = permanent ID ban

6. Inappropriate links/sites

* hacks site, PG-18 sites, warez sites etc.

1st time = 7 day IP ban

2nd time = permanent ID ban

7. Advertising Different Server/Gold/3rd Party Programs/Websites etc

* Any kind of advertising via PMs or via globals/normal chat.

1st time = permanent ban on all accounts

8. Hacking [Accounts]

* If we find you responsible or involved by anyway with the hacking of someone else account.

1st time = permanent ban on all accounts that ever used your ip, or were registered with that ip!

1st time = permanent ban on all involved accounts

9. Buying/selling any in game items/silk/gold for real money from someone else than us or buying/selling accounts for ingame items or real money

* Alloweed, GM's will help, 2 diferents ways, donate in our server, or paypement in our paypal account then we send back to the other player

* Not fallow this rule both chars on this deal get banned

10. Buying/selling any in game item/silks/gold for real money from someone else than us or buying/selling accounts for ingame items or real money

* This includes trading accounts from different servers for accounts on our server

* This includes buying/selling accounts to trade items that are character/account bound (existing aswell as possible future items) like Lucky Scrolls for example

1st time = permanent ban on all involved accounts

11. Ignoring GM Requests

* Ignoring any instructions given by a GM, this could be anything from interfering with unique events for set levels and other such things to forbid doing PK/KS etc.

1st time = Warning / Kick from server

2nd time = 7 day ban

3rd time = permanent ban

12. Impersonate a GM/Admin or making a character that has the same name as a GM/Admin

1st time = Warning and GM's gives a scroll to change the name

13. Fake report

* Please note FAKE report is not FALSE report

* FAKE reporting is considered posting screenshots that are edited or being caught on purpose trying to get someone banned on a false account.

* If the accuser is found to be right and was mistakenly banned the ban will be removed

14 day ban every time

14. Disrespecting/Swearing at GMs/admins

* This includes swearing/cursing directly or indirectly to a gm, accusing without proof/claiming corruption etc.

7 day ban every time

15. Spamming

* Any chats continuously spam for more than 7 times are considered as spamming

1st time = Warning

2nd time and up = 1 hour chat block

16. Bug Abuse

* Items/Gold/EXP(Level) gained by this bug will be removed

The punishment may vary between a warning and a permanent ban depending on the severity of the bug and for obvious bug abuse. The Punishment will be chosen by the GM.

Say all bugs to GM/Admin, you always get a reward

17. Scamming

* The Items the victim lost because of the scam will NOT be returned!

1st time = Permanent ban

18. Vulger Swearing and Direct attacks.

* By this we mean calling someone a **** and a *** and his mum is a *** ect ect. We wont tolerate that kind of language in the community.

1st time = 2 day ID ban

2nd time = permanent ID ban

19. Racism, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia etc

* Racial insults means that u cannot out-right make an insulting racial slur towards someone just to be mean because you are mad, or because you think u are superior to them in some idiotic way, during trash talking this can be very confusing, but u guys know what i am talking about. There are many ppl from many different countries playing here and i despise racism of any kind towards anyone playing on our server. This rule also applies to any insults against ethnical groups for their sexual preferences or religion, let it be for everyone beloging to such a group or a special person.

7 day login ban every time

20. Inappropriate names

* Any name thats abusive, sexist, racist, anti-semitic, or in any other way inappropriate will not be tolerated.

Forced name change every time

21. Punishment for Impersonating another player

* Going around saying im this person or faking the name (by using a capital i to replace a lower case L for example)

* Please note: similar looking names do not count as impersonation

1st time = permanent ban

* Any ban can be lifted at any time if being taken by wrong under the poll of staff team.

Note: any of the above rules may change at any moment, or in any particular case be used differently at GMs discretion without any further information given!

Notice. If you see someone violating this rules, please take a Screenshot or Video as a proof, and report them in the forum! Only unedited Screenshots (this includes the filename!) are approved as a proof, reports with edited screenshots or without proof will be meaningless!

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Server info : Indominus Online

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Max online: 1000
IP Limit 8
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Experience rate: 75x
Party Experience rate: 100x
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Item drop coeficent: 30x
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Server Cap: Cap130
Max Alchemy: +18 ( with adv its +20)

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